Juliet Desert - Classic Berber - Manx Tomkinson

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Product description

The wool loop design of this Juliet Desert Classic Berber carpet makes it durable and easy to clean, also providing texture and comfort. The 100% wool composition helps to act as a natural insulator as it traps air within its fibres, which slows the movement of heat through the carpet, this can help to regulate the temperature within a room, helping to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter helping to reduce household bills and carbon emissions.

One of the naturally occurring components of the Juliet Desert fleece is lanolin, the fleece is washed, combed and spun into yarn for carpet production, but the wool retains its natural stain-resistant properties through these processes. This helps the carpet to repel many household stains and makes it well suited to homes with pets and young children. The yarn is also treated with permethrin during the spinning stage which makes it moth resistant.

Available in 4m and 5m widths.


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